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Hemoglobin J Valencia - Red Blood Cellls

Discovery of a new type of Hemoglobin in Valencia

Recently a group of scientists led by Dr Carmen Quiñones in Valencia, Spain have discovered a new type of Hemoglobin (Red Blood Cell) and the potential impact that it can have on Blood Glucose readings, especially for those that have Diabetes. Named Hemoglobin J Valencia, the variant was discovered after routine glycemic testing was carried out on a […]

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Diabetes in Spain

elgringo bike announcement

Hi everyone Hope you are all enjoying your respective summers or winters for those in the southern hemisphere. I real quick announcement from me today. Due to personal and work commitments, I have reluctantly withdrew from the mHealth Grand Tour this coming September. Although a very small amount of cash was raised (lessons learnt) for the […]

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elgringo does biking

Elgringo Goes Biking

Howdy Folks, yep you heard that correct! Elgringo goes biking! Yikes, what have a I let myself in for???  Answers on a postcard please. 🙂 So the big announcement is that I will be riding Stage 4 on the mHealth Grand Tour in September.  Oh that’s September this year (2013) by the way.  Oh by the way […]

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Diabetes Google Plus Community

Diabetes Google Plus Community

About the Diabetes Google Plus Community.   Connecting those with #Diabetes. Helping to Empower, Connect, Support and Educate through Social Media via the Diabetes Google Plus Community.   This community is open to all, regardless of type, age, gender, race, religion, favorite book, sports team or music! Simply click on the above image that will take […]

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A Region Without Medicine

Running out of Medicine! A Real world problem in Spain. I read a worrying article at the weekend! As someone is dependent on medication to stay alive, this is a real concern and for once you do not need to sensationalise the article. The BBC ran an article highlighting the plight that the Farmacias in […]

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