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Fingers after 15 Years Diabetes


It’s been a while and it feels like I need to start writing in some form.  So, this is me trying to get life back on track. It also happens to my “Diabetes Birthday” having reached the grand old age of 15 years with Diabetes.  I’m still here, eyes are ok at the moment, limbs […]

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Diabetes Google Plus Community

Diabetes Google Plus Community

About the Diabetes Google Plus Community.   Connecting those with #Diabetes. Helping to Empower, Connect, Support and Educate through Social Media via the Diabetes Google Plus Community.   This community is open to all, regardless of type, age, gender, race, religion, favorite book, sports team or music! Simply click on the above image that will take […]

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Timesulin Guest Blog

Timesulin Guest Post

Hi guys! Today I have been featured on the wonderful Timesulin’s blog talking about World Diabetes Day for National Diabetes Awareness Month. Phew!  Try saying that when you have a #waffy moment. Many thanks to Susan and the team at Timesulin for publishing my ramblings. Anyway you can read the full post over here –> http://timesulin.com/blog/living-with-diabetes/elgringio-in-spain/ Don’t know […]

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A Region Without Medicine

Running out of Medicine! A Real world problem in Spain. I read a worrying article at the weekend! As someone is dependent on medication to stay alive, this is a real concern and for once you do not need to sensationalise the article. The BBC ran an article highlighting the plight that the Farmacias in […]

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Highs to the rescue!

Hola folks! As most people are aware living with diabetes simply “sucks”.  It is a gigantic pain in the rear and we tend to just get on living with it.  As we live it Diabetes we are told again and again about the importance of tight(ish) glucose control.  We have that measured via our Healthcare […]

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