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Double Trouble

A Diabetes Summer Update

Hey folks It is that time again to hit the blog trail again!  Sadly lacking over the last couple of months, so please do except my apologies.  The 2 lads in the picture have something to do with that! Personally for me, things are real tough with no sign of relenting.  I find that when […]

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Flag of England - St George's Cross

Happy Diaversary To Me

Hi there Today is a special day, most likely for the wrong reasons though. I have now completed my 13th year with Diabetes which normally makes me reminisce over the years the gone by..  From the fateful day in 1998 to just last night. For I did something for the very first time last night, […]

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Blood tests

Why The HbA1c Sucks

So the other week I was thinking about the relevance of the a1c, how it is applied in a clinical setting and how we as people with diabetes are often judged by our clinicians and also our peers. As technology gets more sophisticated such as pumps, cgms’s, software will have access to more data than […]

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Death By Numbers

It occurred to me the other day that diabetes is such a numbers based condition requiring skills such as advanced math, a degree in statistics and a masters in advanced analytics. We are surrounded by numerical data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we test we have our blood sugar readings, with […]

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What to do when diabetes is not your priority?

Hey everyone, a happy yet belated New Year to you. It’s been really quiet the last few months regards to this blog and as we all know there are periods where we find that life moves along at such a rate that we fail to focus on what is important. So what happens when diabetes […]

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