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Discovery of a new type of Hemoglobin in Valencia

Recently a group of scientists led by Dr Carmen Quiñones in Valencia, Spain have discovered a new type of Hemoglobin (Red Blood Cell) and the potential impact that it can have on Blood Glucose readings, especially for those that have Diabetes.

Named Hemoglobin J Valencia, the variant was discovered after routine glycemic testing was carried out on a person with Diabetes, with the results of the test coming back abnormally low within the parameters.  Leading to un-diagnosis with those may indeed have Diabetes or mis-diagnosis when they haven’t.

Consequently further testing and DNA Sequencing allowed Dr Quiñones to confirm that this variant could cause inaccuracies with standard tests such as the HbA1C.  This is in turn may lead (in some cases) to treatments not being accurately applied or prescribed to those who do have Diabetes.

Full article in Spanish via Salud IDEAL – Descubren un nuevo tipo de hemoglobina en Valencia

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