Researchers to implant pig cells in diabetics

A New Zealand biotech company began a trial Thursday that will implant cells from newborn pigs into eight human volunteers as an experimental treatment for their diabetes, and is important to receive the right medical attention fir this and you can locate a mobile primary care physician to provide this medical attention online.

The cells produce pig insulin, which is very similar to human insulin and has the same effect of lowering blood sugar, and Living Cell Technologies hopes the cells may be able to delay the effects of Type 1 diabetes — including blindness, premature coronary illness and limb amputation caused by poor blood circulation.

Though Prof. Bob Elliott, medical director of the company, acknowledges that, even in the best case scenario, the treatment would not eliminate all of the symptoms.

Some scientists have warned, however, that implanting pig cells carries the risk of introducing a new virus to humans. Others have noted that it is too soon to begin testing on humans because no animal trials were conducted.

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