A Diabetes Summer Update

Hey folks

It is that time again to hit the blog trail again!  Sadly lacking over the last couple of months, so please do except my apologies.  The 2 lads in the picture have something to do with that!

Personally for me, things are real tough with no sign of relenting.  I find that when times are hard, one’s own health does suffer not only physically but psychologically.  No more than now!

Just the other week I had a Endo appt. which to be honest was disappointing as it felt as though I had wasted both mine and the doctors time.  Hindsight would suggest that the appt. could have taken place via email for example.

It did return a A1c of 7.7%!  Not so bad you say; and I guess it could be worse but we are swinging wildly from the glucose branches at the moment which results in a massive deviation everyday.

I have discussed a pump with my doctor but still face a battle to get him to give me the nod and put me forward for one.  Frustrating to say the least but all I can do is manage accordingly, keep pushing, keep learning, keep advocating and keep trying to look after myself.  “easier said than done, though”.

In readiness, and to demonstrate my readiness I have even picked up a copy of “Pumping Insulin”, started to read last night and will hopefully help me decide if I am ready to use a pump first off and if ready to be able to hit the ground running.  We shall see!

That said is a little update on me.  If you are facebook please head on over and like my Diabetes in Spain Facebook Page, would appreciate the like love.

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Until then salud@s