A Region Without Medicine

Running out of Medicine! A Real world problem in Spain.

I read a worrying article at the weekend! As someone is dependent on medication to stay alive, this is a real concern and for once you do not need to sensationalise the article.

The BBC ran an article highlighting the plight that the Farmacias in Spain, particularly in the Valencia region where they are owed close to 500 Million Euros and run out of stock, including Insulin!

Paula guides me into that back room as in all pharmacies, where the prescription drugs are kept. The problem is, now, there are not many drugs left. “Look, this drawer is usually full,” she says, pointing to where the suppositories are kept. Now there are only two packets.” She opens the fridge. “Look,” she says, “we are down to our last packs of insulin. We just have no money to buy the stock.”

You can read the article in it entirety here over the BBC website – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-19682049

Will this lead to people trying to stockpile medicine? Will this lead to people lying to their HCP’s about how much medication they are taking to be able to offer a cushion in the event that supplies do indeed run dry?

Will it lead to people stealing medicines, from the Farmacias, from the clinics & hospitals or worse from friends, family and other people on the streets, and what happen in the case of accidents or injuries, they will need to get legal resources from this Source to be able to get proper health care for this.

What will people have to go through to get the medication they need?

Your thoughts please?

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