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Hi Folks

Firstly warmest greetings from DiS to 2012 to you all! Various reasons for lack of action on the DiS site. Rather personal so will cut to the boring stuff and hopefully bring you all up to speed.

For most 2011 was pretty crappy, although there were some bright and notable exceptions.  The year ended with an enormous amount of pressure not only economically but also physically with one’s own health.

Spain as we know it is in complete tatters and unfortunately it will only proceed to actually get worse in 2012.  The year ended with a Endo appt. in Mid December.  The a1c came back at 8% and although disappointed there were little surprises.

Again I mentioned a pump and spoke enthusiastically about such a device being of benefit to me and my health he agreed to hand me over to the pump team in Alicante to see if they are willing to let me go on a pump.  I do not hold much hope to get one as the current government need to trim 16 Billion Euros off the national budget so the pressure is on Medical teams to think about finance first and health second!  Quality of care will slide for sure.

As with many other countries they have guidelines to meet, to be selected for a pump.  This includes the A1c, lifestyle issues etc..  At times it seems that it can only serve to encourage people to let their health go wayward to get a pump.

Anyway as yet I have heard nothing, so your guess is as good as mine when I will get an opportunity to present my case to the Pump team.   So stay tuned!

Other than that this is a quick breakdown on my life – The key stressors:

  • An Embargo has been slapped on us from the State, which now prevents us from paying our Mortgage each month.  I’m sure you can figure out what happens next??
  • Employment opportunities are “non-existent” in Spain and now need to consider alternative locations and occupations.
  • My other, and most would say better half had her work hours cut with a 25% reduction in salary! Oh, this discussed just 3 days before Christmas!  Thank you!
  • I’m still consulting a Neurologist, following up on the Nerve pain in the left arm/hand.
  • A surprising referral to the Respiratory Specialists to check for Sleep Apnea of all things.  This came as a shock suggestion at first but after discussing the relation between red blood cells, oxygen levels and nerve sensation/pain it became clear that this could progress soon.  It also gives me cause for concern regards to the crappy nights sleep I have had for years.
  • Grandmother at the age of 83 was given the news that she has Breast Cancer.  At this stage we do not have the specifics but a malignant tumour has been confirmed by the Pathological lab. Bugger!

So that it’s from me at the moment, hopefully the above gets me of the hook with everyone.  I’ve done my utmost to stay focused and stay positive but there is very little left in this tank at the moment.  For those that I have been in contact with recently, thank you for your support!

Until next time, stay safe and bolus like crazy!!  🙂

Un brazo





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3 Responses to DiS Update Jan 2012

  1. Alison January 13, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    Bloody hell Mike, you don’t do things by halves, that’s a lot to deal with. Here’s hoping that 2012 is full of good surprises and is much, much better than you think its going to be.

    • Mike January 13, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

      Thank you Alison 🙂

  2. Lesley January 24, 2012 at 12:28 am #

    If only I could sort it all out with my hugs and best wishes…. I’ll send them anyway x

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