Fingers after 15 Years Diabetes


It’s been a while and it feels like I need to start writing in some form.  So, this is me trying to get life back on track.

It also happens to my “Diabetes Birthday” having reached the grand old age of 15 years with Diabetes.  I’m still here, eyes are ok at the moment, limbs are on by a thread! 🙂

So how should I celebrate, I wrote about earlier years like 2010 or maybe like 2011.  Better still why not have a Chocolate Bizcocho and light it up!  Still undecided this year though…

Until then


Flag of England - St George's Cross

St George’s Cross

On a side note today is also St George’s Day and they even have a Google Doodle.  Whilst it is mainly associated with England the day is also celebrated throughout Europe and indeed in Spain, specifically the Barcelona area where it takes on a more Valentines Day like celebration.  The 23rd April is also remembered as the day that 2 of the most decorated poets had simultaneous deaths in Miguel Cervantes and William Shakespeare back in 1616.

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  1. Scott K. Johnson April 24, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    Happy 15th, Mike!

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