Is My Cancer Different?

Is My Cancer Different?

Hey everyone, no panic, although the title has cancer in it, I do not!  Today I want write about a new project that has been developed to help people with cancer become better/more informed about the disease and about their treatment options.

Is My Cancer Different™ is inspiring people to advocate for themselves by asking a crucial question and providing powerful information on why, when and how it could matter to their treatment strategy.

Information from www.IsMyCancerDifferent.com will be shared with doctors, families and caregivers to create a landscape of awareness concerning how individualised cancer diagnostics/treatments can help drive positive outcomes.

A movement dedicated to educating everyone on how a simple question can make a huge difference in the fight against cancer. Visit IsMyCancerDifferent.com to learn more.

Please help spread the word, share with your friends on Facebook?  or perhaps display a badge on your website if you have one?

Thank you and until next time!





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