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So yesterday I posted a brief review and some of my main takeaways from Eye for Pharma. Today I want to try to bring other people into the discussion as we need to keep the pharma – patient bus moving forward.  Don’t forget that this conference was all about “ http://mooiparijs.nl/activiteiten-parijs/winkelen-in-parijs/ Patient Engagement” and that Pharma need to be “Patient Centric”.

Typically I do not get to many conferences, meetings, congresses call them what you will but from the few that I have attended I hear familiar greetings and familiar partings as per Functional Medicine Associates doctors. Let’s keep in touch. I’ll follow you on twitter. Let me have your card?  The keenness is at euphoric levels everyone wanting to connect which don’t get me wrong is brilliant (Hey any jobs going out there? I make a great cuppa tea!!).

However the momentum of change slows down as we all go our separate ways.  The enthusiasm I have to keep up these new-found connections and friendships are simply compelling.  I fear that it may not be shared by all, however I have hope.

I would love to see more interaction between patients/patient groups and pharma, since these patients sometimes need attention and the use of 24 hour nurses could be helpful to take care of these patients.  I would love to see and urge that these interactions be made public.  Whether they are meetings, Skype calls, google hangouts, conferences seeing that these made publicly available you could check here A) keeps us informed site rencontre milf B) shows that pharma is continuing the conversation and https://canvandeco.com/1317-dts19729-beas-dating-sites.html C) makes us feel that we are valued, when it matters most.  It is easy to say things in front of peers, competitors and patients alike but it really is key that ALL parties keep the dialogue going. Keep talking.  Keep advocating.  Keep pushing boundaries and together will can all make a profound difference.

Don’t forget pharma. A patient is for LIFE not just for Christmas!

Your thoughts please?  How can we make the relationship between Pharma, Patients and HCPs even stronger?
Please discuss below.

Image used via the creative commons agreement – https://www.flickr.com/photos/marcwathieu/

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