So is this the Insulution?

The guys and girls over at Insulution were kind enough to send over a sample of their newly introduced product called “Daily Dose“.

Small, neat and convenient

Sometimes you don’t want to have to carry more things with you than necessary.  Daily Dose is the world’s smallest insulin syringe and is designed to satisfy the need to be small, neat and convenient.  Daily Dose is easily carried, such as in a wallet or the cash pocket of your jeans, to maximise convenience and the certainty that you will have your dose with you when you need it.  Never again will you skip an injection because you don’t have your pen with you.

So on Friday evening I decided to give one a whirl, and I even tweeted the event!

Daily Dose is available in 10 unit volume (0,1 ml) and 30 unit volume (0,3 ml), in packs of 10, 100 or 300.  The needle, which is fixed, is 6 mm and 30 gauge.

Although size of the syringe is very small it is quite responsive.  Making the drawing from insulin from my pen relatively easy, although for some the size will prove to be awkward.  Once done I placed it back into the small holders which slot in its own little stand until bedtime.

Using the Daily Dose was pain-free, the delivery of insulin smooth and responsive, which is sadly lacking with both my NovoRapid FlexPen and Lantus Solostar.  So for me my experience was positive!

So who will benefit from such a product?

Well for one, this is a product that would be beneficial to those that use insulin pumps!  As you all know Pump failures, Infusion set failures and other insulin delivery problems make a right mess of your BG’s especially if you have no other way to administer insulin.

This would be a viable option to Insulin Pens or Syringes when you need to quickly get yourself back on track and would not need more prescriptions for insulin.

For  those of us who still use Insulin Pens, the Daily Dose would come in handy when you are out for the evening, on holiday or participating in any type of activity/sport.  As they are discreet, simply slotting into a pocket/purse and you would almost forget you have them!

Daily Dose is registered and approved for sale in many countries around the world, and more countries are being added all the time.  They have the CE mark for distribution throughout Europe.

Disclaimer:  Yes I was provided some samples and I have actually used it.  No I have not been paid to write this nor did any representative from Insulution ask me too.  All opinions, thoughts & musings are mostly mine!


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