Medication Price Increase Spain

Spanish Prescription Drug Price Increase

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As the weather hots up, and the troubles that serve Europe intensify, Ana Mota (everyone’s 2nd favorite Spanish Health Minster) has decided in her wisdom to remove 456 different medications from the Prescriptions lists to save as much as 400 Million euros from their budget.

Now that sounds like a tough ask, but I’m assured that these medications will be available to buy at full cost from the 1st July, they are already being sent to the homes by a special transportation with a pneumatic tube from washington security products to secure the patient the drugs haven’t been tamper.

In addition to the 456 medications, we will see an alarming increase with regards to Insulin and Blood Glucose Test Strips.  Typically they are heavily subsidised with Insulin available for €2.64 for 5 pens (NovoRapid, Lantus) and Test Strips for the bargain price of 45 cents per box of 50.

Both these items will increase to €4.13 each as of the 1st July!  Sneaky eh???

Plenty of mentions via the media regards to the list of medications no longer being free(ish) but other important updates get firmly swept under the carpet.

I know this will have a knock on effect on some people as the financial crisis worsens.  Which will then end up costing the government more money when things go wrong.

As stated the changes are effective from 1st July, and will update with further information when it becomes available.

Until next time, Saludos!

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4 Responses to Spanish Prescription Drug Price Increase

  1. John I Stead June 29, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

    Hi! I am 73 and living near Valencia and I have had type 2 for a couple of years. I was prescribed Accucheck test strips initially, but I am unable to have them now. However I now have a “Codefree” meter obtained from Amazon. The strips for this are less than 7€ for 50 compared to 53€ for Accucheck. The meter can be used with your PC via an extra Patch lead, so graphs etc can be prepared for your diabetes adviser.

    • Mike June 29, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

      Hi John

      Thanks for stopping by. Indeed like every other country Test Strips seem to bring on more battles than anything else, especially for folk like yourself with T2 Diabetes.

      Interesting you mention the SD Codefree meter. Due to the costs I am currently looking at purchasing a kit, as a back up for my normal setup. Certainly worth doing if possible. Even if was a kit to take away on holiday or simply used in emergencies.

  2. Rob Duncan July 18, 2012 at 5:01 pm #

    I am hoping to move to Spain in the near future. I am type 2 diabetic & I am looking at the most cost effective medications. Can anyone tell me how much Humulin M3 Kwik pen 3ml cartridge would cost & also how much would Novomix 30 Flexpen cartridge cost?

    Many Thanks
    Rob Duncan

  3. Floyd Pfeffer July 22, 2016 at 1:55 pm #

    We are planning to move to Portugal near the border with Spain. Can we buy Victoza Pens for Type II diabetes in Spain? Do you know the approximate cost?

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