A Region Without Medicine

Running out of Medicine! A Real world problem in Spain. I read a worrying article at the weekend! As someone is dependent on medication to stay alive, this is a real concern and for once you do not need to sensationalise the article. The BBC ran an article highlighting the plight that the Farmacias in […]

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Highs to the rescue!

Hola folks! As most people are aware living with diabetes simply “sucks”.  It is a gigantic pain in the rear and we tend to just get on living with it.  As we live it Diabetes we are told again and again about the importance of tight(ish) glucose control.  We have that measured via our Healthcare […]

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Diabetes News June 2011 - Diabetes in Spain

Diabetes in Spain Update September 2012

Hola everyone! Spain’s 2nd favorite “person with diabetes” here. Long time no blog, I hear you cry? Fear not I have plenty to share but it will be snippet at a time. So what’s new and what has been happening in and around Spain? One of the reasons that I have not blogged for a […]

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Medication Price Increase Spain

Spanish Prescription Drug Price Increase

Howdy Folks! Long time, no post! As the weather hots up, and the troubles that serve Europe intensify, Ana Mota (everyone’s 2nd favorite Spanish Health Minster) has decided in her wisdom to remove 456 different medications from the Prescriptions lists to save as much as 400 Million euros from their budget. Now that sounds like […]

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Healthcare Pain in Spain

[Taken from an earlier tumblr post] With Spain reaching desperate new heights, the powers that be have tried to chop and change budgets as if they are going out of fashion. A covertly announced austerity package just the other week detailed new measures for cuts to both Education and Health. Today we get more news […]

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