Elgringo’s Retina Screen

Yep, that's mine!

Yep, that’s mine!

Hey Guys!

Just checking to see how everyone is doing!  Hope you are all doing fantastically well!

Moving on, I had my Annual Retina Screening at my local clinic.  I’m sure we know how important having our eyes etc.. checked on a regular basis whilst trying to avert the dreaded Diabetes Retinopathy.  So this quick, painless and non intrusive method is a brilliant way to make sure our eyes stay in great shape.

I took a pic of mine (scared the nurse to death when I asked to snap a pic) although I won’t have the results for up to 2 weeks.  I am hopeful that all is ok this time!



Diabetic Eye Screening

Diabetic Eye Screening

For those who wonder what it all looks like, here is a image courtesy of the UK NHS Diabetic Eye Screening service.  I would have taken self portrait but a) the room was dark b) I had a hand over one eye and c) I was being blinded by the flash going off millimeters away from the centre of my eye!

Stay healthy!


PS: The picture was taken cause I’m a nosey bugger and it also forms part of my photo project over at www.elgringo365.com

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  1. Scott K. Johnson February 11, 2013 at 2:45 am #

    Thanks for the reminder! It’s all too easy to forget or procrastinate.

    Hope the news comes back clear! Stay well, Mike!


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