Frequently Asked Questions

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visit this page Q. I am a resident/citizen from another EU country, am I eligible for free prescriptions?

view A. You must be resident in Spain, and be registered to contribute to the Spanish Social Security system or be of Pensionable age  and in possession of the appropriate paperwork from your respective home country.  Only persons who are of a pensionable age will benefit from 100% free prescriptions. This no longer applies and those of a pensionable age will be required to make small contributions towards their medications.

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Q. Is it possible to purchase Diabetes Medication in Spain?

A. Yes it is possible to purchase medication here in Spain which includes; Insulin, Oral medication and Blood Glucose Test Strips.

Q. Do I need a Doctor’s Prescription to obtain my Diabetes Medication in Spain?

A. No, you do NOT require a medical prescription to obtain medication such as Insulin, Test strips and Oral medication over the counter from a chemist in Spain.  You will however you be subject to the full retail price.

Q. What the typical costs for Diabetes Medication in Spain?

A. Typical costs are similar throughout Spain and prescription medication is regulated throughout the chemists here.

  • Novo Rapid Insulin – Retail; €68 – with prescription; €2.64 – (increasing to €4.13)
  • Lantus Glargine Insulin – Retail; €76 – with prescription; €2.64 (increasing to €4.13)
  • Metformin – Retail; €2.64 – with prescription; €2.64 (increasing to €4.13)
  • Accu-Chek Test Strips – Retail; €43.59 – with prescription; €0.45 (increasing to €4.13)
  • Victoza –  Retail; €139 – with prescription; €2.64 (increasing to €4.13)
Please Note: As of 1st July 2012 - The price of Prescription medicine will be increasing! Please check with your local "Farmacia" for the latest prices!
If you have a specific medication please get in touch via the contact form with your details and we will do our best to find out the relevant prices involved.

Q. Do you have any information regarding the New Type 2 Diabetes drug “Victoza”?

A. All the technical information we have for this new medication is on our “What is Victoza” page.  The drug is currently going through the regulatory process with the Ministry of Health here in Spain.  There is a possibility that the medication will be available in Spain for December 2010.

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